The 103 is a Snow-Covered Death Strip

Well, I had several weeks off this Christmas. I spent them glued to a PS4 controller playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. It was beautiful and totally worth it.

I did manage to do a bit of work in the meantime. I am working on a small personal project that I will get back into this summer, if I can. I don’t have a plan for this summer, unfortunately. It doesn’t look like the University offers many of the classes I would otherwise take next fall in their summer semester, and co-op doesn’t start until next year. I have a savings, but I might be better served looking for work.

I am still living very far away from the city. The drive has become treacherous and time consuming. I must be getting old.

I drew this over Christmas. I’m not sure why. I guess I wanted to practice dudes. This armour is impractical.


Ugh, I didn’t get a chance to work on the updated layout to my website. Well, I mean, I did technically have lots of chances, but I wasted them eating a video game. As much as I gripe about it, I am glad to be back at school. This semester promises to be an interesting one, although it will be work intensive. On the bright side, my programming class appears to be mostly review of things I already know, so I can worry more about getting a decent grade in the last Calculus course I need.

Sleeping While Walking

If you came here wondering what happened to my comic, I had to take it down for a bit. I hadn’t updated it in ages anyways. I’m hoping to have something way cooler this year, though 🙂

I’m super tired. I am doing a full course load, coupled with a long commute four days a week. I don’t have anything neat to post, unfortunately, but I might do some sketching this weekend if I can fit it in.

Fun News

So I’m going back to school full time. I finished an excellent seven years at HB and I’m ready for my next life step. I’ll be studying computer science.

I am still in the process of updating this website. I have a nice little theme designed, but it requires some digital painting that will take some time, and I’m busy studying and getting my things in order for school.

In the meantime, I drew this for my boyfriend’s mom. It’s a portrait of his niece.


It’s alright, I guess. Very purple.

It Has Been a Long Month

So. First, we needed to fix the lawn. So we spent several weeks getting estimates and finally getting the lawn fixed for a tidy sum. Okay. Next we needed to replace a floor. After an unfortunate series of events, the floor replacing got delayed. When it finally started, we discovered a water-damaged floor board next to the patio door. Now we are waiting for a contractor to come look at it, and hoping that it is just from an old leak, can be quickly replaced, and isn’t some giant disaster. Oy.

Other plans are going okay. I have not had much time for anything, really. I would like to play some more Mass Effect while I have the chance. I am quite fond of that series, and have been drooling over the teaser footage from E3 since I saw it. I will buy a ps4 either when ME4 is out or Mirror’s Edge 2 is out. Whoever’s first.

I did this contest on Deviant Art. I’m not sure why. I don’t particularly expect to win, but whatever, something to do.


I like bugs, I guess. Oh god I need to go clean the house all night. I got new glasses, so that’s good. I can see and stuff. Ugh. So busy.

What’s Been Up?

So I’m working my way up to working on an updated layout for my website. In the meantime, there are a lot of goings on afoot, and I am super busy trying to get my house in order and various things together because I have some plans and such. If I draw anything new, it’s going to end up on my Deviant Art account faster than it does here.

I’m messing around in Blender a bit. I am impressed with how much I remember after having stopped using it for so long.

I got A’s in both of my courses. I’m pretty stoked about that. I am taking a short break before diving in to more schooling.

Drawing, I Missed You

Oh man. I wrote two exams this week. I have no idea how I did, but I’m always nervous about exams. Honestly, so long as I passed them both, my final marks will be good. I went into both exams with A’s.

This weekend has been a free weekend for me. It has been so long since I had a weekend off, that I actually managed to get bored. I did a bunch of biking this week (I have an app that tracks my progress. So far I have clocked over 24km this week. I don’t know how far the trail by my house goes, but I’m going to try and travel the whole thing if I can.

My lawn is awful. We took yesterday to dig out a bunch of weeds and plant new grass seed. Ugh.

I had time to do a drawing. I tried to do some fan art for once. I don’t normally have the attention span for fan art, but I can sit down and do wacky fanart/original character things like this. It’s a human dressed up like an Asari from Mass Effect. I don’t know why. But I am addicted to Mass Effect, so sure, why not?



If you ignore the hot mess that is the Asari Disciple shotgun I tried to draw based on a tiny reference image at another angle, and instead look at the face and neck/chest situation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out.

Head Cold

I have a head cold and a bunch of homework to finish this weekend. I got a 92.5 on my linear algebra midterm and a 94 on my programming midterm, so I’m trying to keep that up. I don’t really have any new drawings to post.

In the meantime, here is a list of nicknames I call my dog Kirby:

  • Kirbo
  • Kirbito
  • Kirbyoshi-sama
  • Kirbis
  • Kirburger
  • Kirbolemu
  • Kirbillingsly
  • Derpy
  • Derple
  • Berble
  • Ham Stump
  • Butter Stump
  • Lumpkin
  • Fatty Lumpkin

That is all.

Snow Day

Well, I am approximately 40% done my take-home midterm. I knocked off the easier questions first. The rest of this weekend will be dedicated to finishing the exam and studying for a linear algebra midterm that might kill me.

I had time to finish up this little number. I’m pleased.



We had a blizzard today, so I burned a half vacation day to go home at lunch and avoid the worst of it. The drive was… less than pleasant… but it was a lot nicer at 12:30 than it was at 5. And it gave me time to be productive. My house remains a mess, unfortunately.

Snow Forever

Hmmm, improvement!



There’s going to be another snow storm on Wednesday. Joy!

I need to request my programming midterm. Let’s hope this goes well.

Sleep Soon

I spent most of the day doing homework/studying/cleaning… I did get some time to work on this a little more. I am pleased so far. I find the image looks a lot darker when I upload it to wordpress.


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