Learning Unity

I have been working on a small project in Unity. I put together a little character customizer:


You can select face, hair, and eyes, and turn the model using your arrow keys.

I used Make Human to generate a basemesh and used that to model the various meshes. (You can only see the head and shoulders here, but I do have a full body worked out.) I made a selection of faces and hairs and a variety of textures to go with those. The character is rigged using Blender’s Rigify imported into Unity for use with mecanim. I… don’t know how well the whole thing will animate yet. I have tested it and it looks okay, but some weights still need to be adjusted. It blinks fine, though.

Look-wise… I am going for a toonish/shiny look for the 3D stuff, so I feel this is getting very close. I found a way to add an outline to Unity’s standard specular shader, which I was able to mess with enough to get this appearance. The UI is all place-holder (and a bit of a mess), except I’m a fan of the title font. Anyways, it’s good for a first try.