Short Break

My break was short this Christmas, so I spent most of it playing video games and reading. I started drawing something, but I don’t know if I’ll finish it.


My grades were pretty¬†good this term. I’m still waiting for the last grade to be added to my record, but it’s looking quite likely that I will have a GPA of 4.06 for the semester. I managed an A in my hardest class, which came as a surprise. I’m excited to start up again tomorrow.

Resume Updates

I’m finishing projects and getting ready for exams. I am also drinking a lot of wine and watching some new space opera on Syfy. I have finally gotten around to updating my resume with the latest info. I am… not as sleep deprived as you might expect. Things are mostly on track.


I think I forgot to post this when I finished it:


So, I spent August working on that, doodling, fiddling with jQuery/CSS and Twine (which you can find on my dev diary) and playing the latest Dragon Age DLC’s (Solas, you monster, your plans are stupid). I also went to Calgary to visit my new nephew and to see Banff for the first time. It was amazing. I’m back at school now, so my various projects are going to end up on the back burner, but any updates will be on the dev diary unless they’re more doodles or fairies.

Portfolio PDF

I may have forgotten to post that I updated my portfolio a while back. I slimmed it down to a tight five pages for the site, but the pages are rather small when opened up on a small screen, so I’m adding a pdf version. It’s rich in high-res goodness.

I’m still working on my game demo in Unity, but I am mostly posting about that in my dev blog. I want to keep this blog for graphic art and sketches and such.

Summer Cold

I’m a bit under the weather today. I have a new splash page up on the site that links to this site and my dev blog (which needs a nice WP Theme that I will surely get to one day). If I can get around to finishing a comic, I’ll have a comics link, too. My dev blog will hold all of my poor attempts at keeping track of my work in Unity and web design. I will try and keep this blog more for sketchbook and art stuff.

Learning Unity

I have been working on a small project in Unity. I put together a little character customizer:

You can select face, hair, and eyes, and turn the model using your arrow keys.

I used Make Human to generate a basemesh and used that to model the various meshes. (You can only see the head and shoulders here, but I do have a full body worked out.) I made a selection of faces and hairs and a variety of textures to go with those. The character is rigged using Blender’s Rigify imported into Unity for use with mecanim. I… don’t know how well the whole thing will animate yet. I have tested it and it looks okay, but some weights still need to be adjusted. It blinks fine, though.

Look-wise… I am going for a toonish/shiny look for the 3D stuff, so I feel this is getting very close. I found a way to add an outline to Unity’s standard specular shader, which I was able to mess with enough to get this appearance. The UI is all place-holder (and a bit of a mess), except I’m a fan of the title font. Anyways, it’s good for a first try.

New Look

Okay. I’m still working out some of the kinks, but here’s the new website.

I decided to do something overly complicated and ridiculous because It’s my site and I can torture myself if I want to. It was an excellent opportunity to learn some of the latest CSS and some fun jQuery. It also gave me a chance to do a big drawing. This look expresses my style well. Everything looks good on my laptop and all of the mobile devices in my house, but I’m still looking for extra bugs, so don’t be surprised if something goes haywire.

The portfolio is painfully out of date, so I’m going to get that going next.

I finished my exams and have all of my marks back. I did much better this semester with a GPA of 3.86, putting my cumulative GPA at 3.53.

What’s Going On

I just finished my exams and now I’m working on redesigning the website. Here’s a work in progress image.
Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.56.45 PM

I’m still trying to decide on a few things with the WordPress theme (depending on how much I feel like messing with the php), and I’ve got a lot of drawing left to do with the foreground.

I’ve been working almost constantly since exams stopped because I have other projects I need to move on to after this one, but I’d really like to see this website updated. I’d also like to start posting updates more regularly. Oh wow I am tired. To bed!